Trump inclined to declare national emergency if talks continue to stall

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trailed by reporters as she returns from meetings at the White

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trailed by reporters as she returns from meetings at the White

Trump also threatened to declare a national emergency in order to build the wall without congressional approval.

"We can only stay like this for so long", said the official, who attended both meetings with congressional officials at the White House led by Trump this week, explaining that factual disputes have hung up discussions. "I am in the White House ready to go, where are the Dems?"

Showing little empathy for the hundreds of thousands of federal workers furloughed or working without pay, Mr. Trump declared - without citing evidence - that most are Democrats.

A variety of strategies are being floated inside and outside the White House.

President Donald Trump says he doesn't expect anything to come out of a second day of negotiations between top administration officials and senior congressional staff trying to end the partial government shutdown now in its third week.

Congress has adjourned until Tuesday, signaling the shutdown will continue well into next week.

Trump and Democratic leaders met for roughly two hours Friday, but gave differing accounts of the session. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer exited saying Trump told them "he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time, months or even years".

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi put out a statement on Saturday afternoon, which claimed Democrats would take up immediate action to open up the government in the House.

There, Democratic sources familiar with the meeting said that the administration "doubled down" on its proposal, which initiated the shutdown on December 22.

Trump announced Friday that the working group - including adviser Jared Kushner, Vice President Mike Pence and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen - would meet over the weekend with Democratic staff as part of an effort to end the stalemate.

Despite pitting blame on Democrats, the president reiterated that he remained "proud of doing what I'm doing".

"The President's authority in this area is intended for wars and genuine national emergencies", Evan Hollander, communications director of the House Appropriations Committee, told CNN.

"I did say that". "I am allowed to do that. It's called a national emergency". The package also included $1.3 billion for border security, money that could be used for improving current fencing or purchasing new technology used by border patrol agents, but did not include money for the wall. "And I think they're at zero", Mulvaney confessed, referencing the $5.6 billion Trump is demanding for his wall.

That's despite the fact that his administration has already spent millions constructing wall prototypes near the border in San Diego. Asked how people would manage without a financial safety net, he said: "The safety net is going to be having a strong border because we're going to be safe".

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