TV Pottermore Reveals That Harry Potter's Hogwarts School Didn't Always Have Bathrooms

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Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Harry Potter superfan Victoria Maclean has been"obsessed with Harry Potter since 2001

A second post one hour later added that when plumbing did eventually come to Hogwarts - which we're sure was a huge relief for both the professors and students - it nearly led to the discovery of the Chamber Of Secrets, which was accessed by Harry in a disused bathroom in the second book.

Friday was National Trivia Day, and the Wizarding World website and database Pottermore took part.

Wow. J.K. Rowling has created an amazingly extensive and rich universe, but Pottermore made a decision to take it blue.

From as early as the "20s when Moaning Myrtle attended Hogwarts, the Chamber was accessible through the girls" bathroom, making fans wonder about the connection between the two.

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This disturbing pinch of information had many fans wondering about the infamous Chamber of Secrets.

The author later added when plumbing was finally installed into Hogwarts, it lead to wizards almost finding out about the Chamber of Secrets (which Harry found in the unused bathroom in the second book). Did wizards just vanish themselves clean or did they have some kind of toilet paper they used? For better or for worse, Pottermore had an answer for that too. These hidden catacombs were known to be established centuries ago by one of the school's founders, Salazar Slytherin.

At that point, Slytherin's contemporary descendant, Corvinus Gaunt, ensured that the chamber could still be accessed through Hogwarts' new system of pipes, which also provided a way for Slytherin's monster to travel more freely throughout the castle.

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