UK's May could seek more time before final Brexit vote

Britain's foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt noted that Singapore's real gross domestic product per capita has multiplied 15 times since its independence

Britain's foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt noted that Singapore's real gross domestic product per capita has multiplied 15 times since its independence

The vote has been rescheduled for the week starting January 14 after a debate which is scheduled to begin in the coming week.

"The Prime Minister assured MPs she would be working on new, last minute add-ons to her Brexit deal, yet, as predicted, Brussels has said it is not interested".

However, it remained unclear whether the vote on the deal would be "meaningful", by allowing MPs to reject Mrs May's deal, or if it would be merely rubber-stamping a deal - potentially after Brexit had happened.

A deal on the terms of the UK's divorce and the framework of future relations has been agreed between the prime minister and the European Union - but it needs to pass a vote by MPs in Parliament before it is accepted.

In a three-way referendum between May's deal, no deal and remain, just 23% would back the prime minister.

Iain Duncan Smith has said not a single job would be lost in a hard Brexit, insisting concerns fears of leaving with no deal are "nonsense".

"Others across the House of Commons are so focused on their particular vision of Brexit that they risk making a flawless ideal the enemy of a good deal".

The YouGov poll, carried out for the People's Vote campaign which is demanding another referendum, suggests 75% of Labour supporters would prefer a final say on Brexit.

L train will no longer shutdown between Brooklyn, Manhattan: Cuomo
The MTA has committed to four public meetings on the new plan in Manhattan and Brooklyn, according to a release from Brewer's office.

"Grassroots Tories are even less impressed than Tory Members of Parliament (MPs)", said Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, who helps run the Party Members project.

Mr Corbyn has previously said the decision to leave the European Union can not be reversed. The EU said it will not reopen the negotiation though it signaled it might offer some concessions.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the UK Government should be "ashamed" for delaying a vote on Brexit.

However, after three days of debate in the run-up to the vote, Mrs May pulled the vote the day before it was due because she was facing defeat and appealed for more time to come back with improvements.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford called on opposition MPs to put their names to a motion of no-confidence in the government, seeking to add to the pressure on May.

May's advisers are understood to be considering an amendment making approval of the deal subject to the Government obtaining assurances that the Irish backstop, the fallback plan meant to prevent a hard border, will be temporary.

Earlier this week, a leading figure in the party said there is "no way" it would back the deal.

Ms Miller won her case, with judges ruling that authorisation by Parliament was required for the invocation of Article 50, a decision which was also upheld by the Supreme Court on appeal.

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