7 cases of mumps confirmed at Houston ICE facility, health department says

Health officials say seven cases of the mumps have been confirmed at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Houston.

All the individuals were adult detainees at the facility who happened to be there at the time when they were infectious.

City of Houston health officials say they're working with the facility on infection control and will do an on-site visit soon.

The viral disease begins with fever, aches and loss of appetite, then causes painful swelling of the saliva glands.

Mumps is a highly contagious disease.

"Properly vaccinating your children isn't just about protecting your child, it's about protecting your entire family and your community", said Dr. Persse. Additionally, the Honduran MOH said that there were approximately 3,266,931 adults (34% of the total population) susceptible to mumps because they never received the MMR vaccine as children. These particularly occur in places where people can get prolonged exposure to people with mumps, such as taking the same classes, playing in a sports team together, or living together in a dormitory.

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At least 44 people in Washington and OR have fallen ill in recent weeks with the extraordinarily contagious virus, which was eradicated in the U.S.in 2000 as a result of immunization but arrives periodically with overseas travelers.

In response to the expanding number of mumps outbreaks, the CDC released guidance in October 2017, regarding when the 3rd dose of mumps vaccine is appropriate.

Outbreaks of infectious illness have been very much in the news of late. Also, anyone who was around a person showing symptoms went to quarantine.

In the US, most pharmacies offer MMR vaccination services.

The MMR vaccine is given in two doses, which is 97% effective and protects recipients for life against measles, mumps and rubella, according to the CDC.

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