AMD Radeon VII 7nm gaming GPU unveiled, priced at Rs 54,990

AMD launches 'world-first' 7nm graphics card AMD Radeon VII

AMD launches 'world-first' 7nm graphics card AMD Radeon VII

The AMD Radeon VII represents the latest twist Sunnyvale's signature that has given it, the GCN (Graphics Core Next) 5.0 architecture, used in the Radeon RX Vega 56 and 64 graphics cards, and is the prelude to Navi, a graphical architecture of next generation that will mark the definitive abandonment of GCN. This provides a whopping 1TB (1024 GB/s) of memory bandwidth, up from 483.8 GB/s with the RX Vega 64. Plus, it comes packed with 60 compute units and a clock rate of 1.8GHz. It is created to deliver exceptional performance and unbelievable experiences for the latest AAA, esports and Virtual Reality (VR) titles, demanding 3D rendering and video editing applications, and next-generation compute workloads.

16GB HMB2 with 1 TB/s memory bandwidth and a 4,096-bit memory interface enable ultra-high resolution textures, hyper-realistic settings and life-like characters. Radeon FreeSync offers more than 550 supported displays. The Radeon VII also features support for DirectX 12 and thus offers improvements of 35 percent in Battlefield V and 42 percent in Strange Brigade in contrast to its predecessor.

We say in theory because, as we will see below, it is a half-truth that has many nuances. "With world class performance and double the memory of existing GPUs, Radeon VII unlocks incredible new lifelike visuals for the latest games today and well into the future".

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However, AMD's update might still encounter issues with Radeon WattMan, Radeon Overlay, Radeon Settings, and FRTC, as well as experience some compatibility problems between the new Radeon VII GPU and X399 motherboards, Apex Legends, or Windows 7 (when performing a timeout detection and recovery).

If the estimation of a BOM number of $650 is true, AMD is technically losing money on every Radeon VII card it sells, which doesn't make any sense.

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