Anthem Live Action Trailer Helmed by Neill Blomkamp Finally Released

Anthem Bioware

Anthem Bioware

The original live-action short-film based on BioWare's Anthem brings the vast world of the expansive game to life with his own story set decades before the beginning of the game.

EA and District-9 director Neill Blomkamp have released their full live-action Anthem short today, titled "Conviction".

Back in 2017, just after Anthem was revealed at E3, Blomkamp tweeted that it "looks so cool", and from that innocuous tweet, the short was (probably) born.

While Conviction is technically a trailer, it still has an impressive amount of care and detail put into it that puts it a tier above the usual live action trailer. "The Anthem swims through your mind, it knows you, it knows us all", she says.

'Killing Eve' season 2 trailer
Expectations are high, as Killing Eve developed a cult following for its twisty story, brilliant performances, and darkly amusing writing.

Over the course of Conviction, we see a few different areas and characters that will be in the final game.

The video above shows off center of Anthem, Fort Tarsis. This has already confused Anthem and Blomkamp fans alike in the YouTube comments, with the former wondering if Conviction is a feature length movie coming soon, and the latter thinking that Anthem itself is a Blomkamp movie project. These freelancers who use Javelin exosuits, have been re-created by Neill's team to show them in live action as they fight off the main villain and head of the evil Dominion faction, the Monitor.

Anthem launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on 22nd February 2019, with a 10-hour Play First Trial available on Friday, 15th February for EA Access members on Xbox One.

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