Apex Legends New Weapon 'Havoc' Dropping Later Today

Apex Legends new weapon Havoc launch time how to find charged shot ammo type revealed

Apex Legends new weapon Havoc launch time how to find charged shot ammo type revealed

The success of Apex Legends has seen an unexpected spike in sales of VR game Apex Construct, with its similar name to Respawn's battle royale shooter seeing sales spike on Steam by over 4000%.

The game is stuffed to the brim with weapons, so be sure to check out our pick of the best weapons in Apex Legends while we wait for Havoc to drop.

The Havoc Energy Rifle is a new Energy ammo-based weapon that has multiple different functions. Players are just getting their first taste of long-term Apex Legends today, though, with a new gun joining an update that makes a few fixes.

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Respawn Entertainment has revealed that a new gun will be heading to Apex Legends as part of the post-launch content which will be dropping later today on consoles.

Check out the trailer below if you'd like to see how this dual-purpose use of the Havoc can be utilized. For the Devotion LMG, for instance, you can add the Turbocharger hop-up, which speeds up the charge time when the gun begins to fire.

After you've linked both accounts, you're all done, and your in-game goodies will be available the next time you play. With the Turbocharger, the gun looks pretty effective at short and medium ranges. This full-auto energy rifle joins the Hemlok as one of the arena's highest damage-per-shot weapons in auto-fire mode, and is the arena's only hitscan weapon in charge beam mode. The Select Fire attachment With the other hop-up attachment- the Select Fire hop-up- you can switch the Havoc to a single-fire mode, which fires one charging shot.

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