Apex Legends Vs. Fortnite: Comparing The Two Big Battle Royale Games

The Mozambique has been named the weakest weapon in the game

The Mozambique has been named the weakest weapon in the game

Like most shooters, both Fortnite and Apex Legends have a smattering of different kinds of guns to use in various scenarios, ranging from pistols and shotguns to assault rifles and sniper rifles. 70 percent are reporting problems with connecting to the network in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends has been upping the ante recently in hopes of securing themselves against fierce competition from its competitor Fortnite.

EA and Respawn have confirmed a few Apex servers are down around the world, and that a considerable number of players are having issues getting past the loading screen.

EA said it will update players on their Twitter account once the issue is solved.

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While plenty of Apex Legends fans have been taking to Twitter to report a loading screen issues with the hot new Battle Royale game.

"While another posted: "@EAHelp First the log in servers broke on @PlayApex Now the ready function just straight up isn't working".

According to the Downdetector outage map, the Apex Legends issue are affecting players in the UK, Europe, parts of the US. Although, as of the time writing this, Respawn hasn't provided any word on whether this will be implemented, or not.

Typically, Respawn's community manager often responds to cool ideas which the fans propose. We've also witnessed that Twitch Prime members can now get their hands on some free loot in the form of 5 Apex Legends Packs and a special skin for Pathfinder.

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