Apple Watch to finally get this vital missing feature in 2020

Apple Watch Series 5 or 6 could come with a feature rivals have supported for years

Apple Watch Series 5 or 6 could come with a feature rivals have supported for years

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple may accommodate a sleep-tracking feature by increasing the Watch's battery life, creating a way for sleep tracking to occur during a low-power mode, or simply requiring users to charge their Watches in the morning.

Sounds like a great health-improving tool, which is why it's nice to hear Apple is finally getting ready to bake something like that into its Watches by default in the not-too-distant future.

Apple could likely make use of the technology it acquired from Beddit. Most of the vague responses I've gotten pointed toward preserving the balance between feature set and battery life-in short, Apple doesn't want to compromise the battery life estimates for the Watch.

As Bloomberg explains, Apple rigorously tests new health and fitness features for the Apple Watch at labs on campus before it even considers rolling them out to the public. What this means is that we might have to wait for the Apple Watch 6 to monitor sleep, instead of the Apple Watch 5, if Apple continues its current timeframe for upgrading the lineup as a whole.

The Apple Watch is tipped to get built-in sleep tracking features with the Cupertino company said to be in the process of testing out the feature before it rolls it out to its smartwatch.

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Apple didn't respond to requests for comment on the company's plans.

Apple's taken a good approach with its smartwatch and used its strengths to effectively gain several advantages over the competition. The company also has testing chambers to mimic outside weather conditions and monitor users' breathing and perspiration.

Theoretically, all you need for sleep tracking is an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor, so previous Apple Watch models should be capable of this new feature, but if Apple is waiting until 2020, it could be because new models have a longer battery life and as a result will be able to last longer in between charges.

Apple's Health application on iPhones has included a tab for sleep analysis data since its introduction in 2014. Currently, hours slept data is provided by the alarm clock function in the iPhone's Clock app.

There are Apple Watch apps that track sleep, but they're all made by third-party developers. It can differentiate between light, deep and REM sleep, according to the company's website.

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