Ariana Grande goes on Twitter rant over cultural appropriation, misspelled tattoo

US firm offers Ariana Grande $1.5 million to erase misspelled tattoo

US firm offers Ariana Grande $1.5 million to erase misspelled tattoo

Honestly, sign us up for all the tiny barbecue grill tattoos if making a milli is this easy.

Ariana had the tattoo amended from "shrichirin" but it now translates to "Japanese BBQ finger" and a tattoo removal company have offered to help her remove it and they will pay her a huge sum of money.

When you're Ariana Grande even when you really mess up (like really mess up), it can literally all be erased and for free!

In a now deleted tweet, Grande wrote, "Indeed, I left out 'つの指, ' which should have gone in between". It hurt like f**k n still looks tight. "But this spot also peels a ton and won't last so if I miss it enough I'll suffer thru the whole thing next time".

Ariana Grande went on a Twitter tear after being accused of cultural appropriation with her misspelled Japanese tattoo, which she recently somewhat fixed.

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Ariana Grande may be readying an anticipated upcoming album, but it seems like another tidbit of her life is taking over the headlines and it's her incorrect tattoo.

Her tweets have since all been deleted except for one which reads "I'll give y'all a million to get off my nuts".

Ariana Grande has reportedly been offered US$1 million by a laser tattoo company to have her misspelled ink removed. "I can't read or write kanji obviously. what do you want me to do? it was done out of love and appreciation. what do you want me to say?" Japanese culture is also something that brings her joy (she "legit wanted to move there"!), which according to the 25-year-old, means it's appreciation and not appropriation.

Fans leapt to drag Ari for the misspelling, and she added a few more characters after consulting with a friend who speaks the language in an attempt to "fix" it, but that only made matters worse.

In January, Grande came under fire for not only allegedly appropriating black culture in her "7 Rings" music video, but also for stealing the song itself from several artists.

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