Bill Weld: Republicans in Washington Want to Have No Presidential Election

Bill Weld Says No Challenge To Trump In GOP Primaries Would Hurt The Nation

Bill Weld Says No Challenge To Trump In GOP Primaries Would Hurt The Nation

Weld said the national emergency that Trump declared on Friday to obtain funding for a wall at the US-Mexico border showed his readiness to divide the country. "He thinks he has to humiliate whoever he's dealing with or else he's half a man". "The emergency declaration is just one example of that".

Criticizing Trump for declaring a national emergency on border security, Weld said, "Congress thought they had a deal" with the administration on the issue. I mean, once you've seen Lady Ga Ga, can you go back to Streisand? I'm going to show you a deal. I'm going to show you a deal.

In order to avoid a second government shutdown after the longest-running one in USA history, Trump signed a bill Friday to fund the government.

"It's part of a plan, I think, on his part to make himself seem indispensable".

Weld also contended that Trump's "hyperemphasis" on a border wall is "pure politics on his part".

"There's a very conservative group, not my base for sure", Weld said.

"And the truth is - if the president had his first choice - he wouldn't have a primary, and he wouldn't have an election", Weld said.

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"I think it's not what the country needs, to put it mildly", he said.

But he says policymakers aren't paying attention to that because "they're so busy with divisiveness and trying to make everyone feel terrible".

Weld ran as the Libertarian Party's vice presidential candidate in 2016 and returned to the Republican Party this year.

Weld's announcement in New Hampshire of his exploratory committee drew criticism from the chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, Jim Lyons.

The Republican National Committee made a pledge in January to give Trump its "undivided support" in his reelection efforts.

"I think the Republicans in Washington want to have no election, basically", Weld said on ABC's "This Week".

This is not the first time Weld attempted to run for the highest office in the country.

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