Donald Tusk: Special place in hell for clueless Brexit campaigners

Donald Tusk: Special place in hell for clueless Brexit campaigners

Donald Tusk: Special place in hell for clueless Brexit campaigners

Tusk launched the savage attack on pro-Brexit Tory MPs and campaigners as Prime Minister Theresa May scrambles to secure a withdrawal deal with the EU.

The "top priority" for the bloc was to "maintain the peace process in accordance with the Good Friday Agreement", Tusk said.

They are discussing preparations for a "no deal" Brexit in the event that the Withdrawal Agreement is not ratified.

Donald Tusk has courted controversy by saying there is a "special place in hell for those who promoted Brexit without a plan".

Earlier Mr Tusk said people all over Europe hoped that the United Kingdom would change its mind about the withdrawal but that both British Prime Minister Theresa May and Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn were "pro-Brexit" and that there was no leadership for remain in the UK.

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The British prime minister is due in Brussels on Thursday to discuss ways to ensure Britain's orderly withdrawal from the European Union and avoid what Tusk warned would be a "fiasco". "This is why we insist on the backstop".

"The EU 27 is not making any new offer", Tusk said, adding that the legally binding withdrawal agreement sealing the divorce, which May negotiated and backed vociferously, can not be renegotiated.

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British Prime Minister Theresa May is due in Brussels on Thursday with what she says is a parliamentary mandate to re-open the draft agreement, sealed after 18 months of intense and highly technical negotiations.

He also reiterated that the European Union (EU) would not make any new offer to the UK.

It comes as Mrs May again attempts to break the deadlock over Brexit by thrashing out alternative proposals for the backstop.

During a speech Tuesday in Belfast, Northern Ireland, May restated her "unshakeable" commitment to avoiding a hard border and said she didn't plan to remove the "insurance policy" entirely.

During the press conference, Varadkar conceded that Ireland is now preparing for the "fiasco" of a no-deal Brexit.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, one MP said the Commons votes scheduled for February 14 are likely to be a re-run of last week's divisions on a series of backbench amendments, with the long-awaited "meaningful vote" on a proposed final deal coming later in the month.

The European parliament's Brexit steering group, chaired by Verhofstadt, said it would not vote for the Brexit deal, if there was no "all-weather" backstop, ie a backstop with no time limit.

She hopes these changes will help her get it through the UK Parliament.

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