Farage Threatens To Boycott Second Referendum And "Go Fishing For A Month"

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The EU also warned that Britain faced the prospect of either a chaotic exit from the bloc or delaying its planned departure date.

"It's within our grasp to leave with a deal on March 29 and that's where all of my energies are going to be focused".

If this too is voted down by MPs, a further division will take place on March 14 on whether the PM should request an Article 50 extension from Brussels.

But EU leaders insist that the legally binding Brexit withdrawal agreement, which took a year and a half to negotiate, can't be reopened. "This would be the most grievous error that politicians could commit".

May wants to negotiate changes to the exit deal she agreed on with the European Union a year ago and has promised to bring it back for approval in Parliament by March 12 at the latest.

That alone means that May has failed in her primary responsibility following the 2017 General Election - when she failed to deliver a majority - which was to deliver Brexit.

"The reality is that we're not now in a situation where we can leave the European Union because our legal system is not now in a situation where that can be done".

May was then asked to acknowledge she might have to delay Article 50 in order to secure a deal.

It warned: "In a no-deal scenario there is an expectation of disruption to closely interwoven supply chains and increasing costs that would affect the viability of many businesses across Northern Ireland".

If Parliament rules out no deal, MPs will be given the option of a "short extension not beyond the end of June", Mrs May told the House of Commons today. But she was clear that the best way forward was to approve her still-to-be-amended deal.

But Tory former Chancellor Ken Clarke said he wanted to congratulate the Prime Minister on "accepting that we're not remotely ready for the chaos of a no-deal departure on March 29".

Charges filed against Robert Kraft for soliciting prostitutes
The 77-year-old widower faces up to a year in jail if convicted of the two misdemeanor charges. Kraft denies being involved in "any illegal activity", a spokesman told reporters.

He added: "This is not dithering".

"The consequences of running down the clock is evident and very real for industry".

The irony is that Jeremy Corbyn blinking first by backing a timetable for a People's Vote on Monday [25 February] has probably given the Prime Minister more political wriggle room. "Factories relocating overseas, jobs being lost, investment being canceled, thousands of workers at sites across Britain's towns and cities are hearing rumours and fearing for the worst", he said. Just as Corbyn could have put his foot on the General Election accelerator again, he has caved to a position which nearly certainly adds to his electoral challenges while not breaking the Brexit deadlock.

Together, the Labour and Conservative defectors formed the Independent Group, united in their opposition to Brexit.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the party is committed to "putting forward or supporting an amendment in favour of a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit being forced on the country".

And those still hoping to avert the split were boosted by the Labour Party's conditional decision to back a second Brexit referendum on Monday.

After almost two years of bitter talks on the departure of Britain from the European Union, there's now even disagreement between the two on when Brexit should actually take place.

The Prime Minister hit out at Mr Corbyn over Labour's support for a second referendum.

British Prime Minister Theresa May suggested Sunday that parliament may not be able to vote on her Brexit deal until March 12, just 17 days before Britain leaves the European Union, provoking alarm at home. Not that they were any the wiser.

The prime minister is expected to allow her Cabinet to discuss extending the deadline beyond March 29 at a crunch meeting on Tuesday, one of the people said.

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