Fluffy the cat thawed out after being caught in Montana snow

Frozen, unresponsive cat brought back to life by vets

Frozen, unresponsive cat brought back to life by vets

The cat was found by its owner in a snowbank near its Montana home. "I've been in practice for nearly 24 years and she was actually caked in ice, like those ice balls were caked on her all the way around her 360 degrees all the way around her", Clark said.

Fluffy's temperature was so low the staff couldn't even measure it on their thermometer. Clark says Fluffy is normally a little crabby, so when she began growling, he knew she would be fine.

"And then they realised "oh my gosh, she's not moving".

The cat gained consciousness at the clinic that afternoon, but the veterinarians still sent Fluffy to an emergency clinic because her temperature remained extremely low, according to Clark.

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Fluffy's owners rushed her to a nearby animal clinic after they found outside.

Dr Clark said Fluffy was three years old and had always lived outdoors. She has her "warm spots" that have helped her survive the Montana winters in the past. The clinic shared a photo of the unfrozen Fluffy, showcasing her attractive, long fur. Her owners think she may have been scared by something and not able to make it back to a safe spot.

The clinic used warm water and blankets to thaw the cat and after several hours, Fluffy was showing signs of recovery.

"Either something fell on her or she fell or something chased her and she got injured ..." "And finally, we put her in heated kennel".

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