Google Maps AR Navigation Is Being Tested by Some Early Users

Google Maps AR navigation feature is now being tested

Google Maps AR navigation feature is now being tested

On Sunday, Google told The Wall Street Journal that the AR navigation feature, which gives real-time views for directions, will be rolled out soon. The system first asks you to move your phone around so it can determine exactly where you are, and then provide directions based on that.

Google has reportedly been experimenting with the user interface, finding that users will follow a line on the ground too closely, and that an animated guide will keep them glued to the screen.Google Maps to Show Auto-rickshaw Routes, Estimated Fares for Delhi Commuters.

Google is letting some of its select users test the augmented reality (AR) navigation feature for Google Maps - a feature that would provide people with directions from the phone's camera in real time.

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When you search for a place in Google Maps, along with regular "Directions" button, you will have the new "Start AR" button to access the new experience.

Author David Pierce states that Google has only made the feature available to some users for testing at the moment and expects a wider release "later", as some aspects of the user interface still need refinement.

It's a rather interesting way to have an interactive navigation experience, albeit one that has you holding up your phone vertically directly in front of you as you walk down a street instead of holding it horizontally as you stare down at the screen oblivious to your surroundings. The app then superimposes arrows on to the real world to show where you have to head next. Even though Google Maps and other navigation apps make it incredibly easy to get somewhere, it's still incredibly hard to find out exactly where you are going, especially in new cities.

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