[H]ardOCP: Ubisoft Partners With Mozilla For Bug-Fixing AI

CREDIT Ubisoft

CREDIT Ubisoft

One of the greatest game developer Ubisoft and one of the best web browsers Mozilla presently declared that they both have made a partnership to develop Clever-Commit, an AI (Artificial intelligence) -based coding assistant that studies from your code base's bug and return to a former data to examine and raise potential new bugs as new code is committed. "By incorporating Clever-Commit into our development workflow, we will improve Firefox's code-writing process by spotting bug patterns and flagging past patches earlier, at a stage when fixing a bug is a lot cheaper than upon release". By applying Clever-Commit for the development of both video games and the Firefox web browser, Mozilla & Ubisoft would be learning more about other programming languages & further enhance the knowledge base of the AI's toolbox. Clever-Commit is an A.I. technology developed by the Ubisoft Technology Group to help programmers evaluate if a code-change will introduce a new bug by learning from past bugs and fixes.

Clever-Commit already contributes to the development of major Ubisoft AAA titles and Ubisoft is now working on integrating it into other brands.

"It is under discussion".

"We are very excited to work with Ubisoft and to contribute to the development of Clever-Commit". While Mozilla doubtlessly uses other exclusive tools to build its open-source software, it's odd to see the organization state that it is helping to develop a tool that isn't open source (or now available to all developers, notwithstanding at a cost). Mozilla is expecting the tool to spot three to four bugs out of five prior to their introduction into the code.

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The "Commit"-the wizard had presented to Ubisoft for the first time about a year ago at a developers ' conference in Montreal".

Additionally, Mozilla will contribute to the assistant by helping expand its capabilities in Rust, C++ and JavaScript programming languages as well as in C++ code analysis and other bug tracking systems. Mozilla will begin using the tool during its code review phase, before eventually implementing it into other stages of code writing if proven successful.

"It is crucial to the performance people experience with Firefox to ensure that the code our company ships is as clean as possible, with a new release every six to eight weeks", stated Ledru. Thanks to Clever-Commit, Firefox users will get to use even more stable versions of Firefox and have even better browsing experiences.

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