Hacker destroys all data held by U.S. email provider

VFEmail hack

VFEmail hack

According to an official notification posted on the email provider's website, "all data" in their USA servers has been completely wiped out, and it's seemingly beyond recovery.

What's even more concerning about this particular attack, Romero Notes, is that every aspect of the VFEmail system had a different password.

As further detailed in the alerts published on VFEmail's website, given that the U.S. mail was completely wiped out from all servers, "If you have your own email client, DO NOT TRY TO MAKE IT WORK".

A hacker wiped every server and backup of VFEmail this week in a "catastrophic" attack, according to the webmail service.

In a series of tweets, VFEmail continued providing information on the magnitude of the incident, realizing that they would not be able to recover the information. "Every VM [virtual machine] is lost".

The company's website is now back online, but its secondary domains are still down -such as chewiemail.com, clovermail.net, mail-on.us, manlymail.net, metadatamitigator.com, offensivelytolerant.com, openmail.cc, powdermail.com, and toothandmail.com.

Reached by KrebsOnSecurity on Tuesday morning, Romero said he was able to recover a backup drive hosted in The Netherlands, but that he fears all of the mail for USA users may be irreparably lost. "If you have your own email client, DO NOT TRY TO MAKE IT WORK", the company said in its notice.

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Users who log in now will be able to send and receive new mails, but all old and archived messages are gone, as are any custom filters put in place to catch malware and spam.

"I have a account with that site, all the email in my account was deleted", Senchak said.

"I haven't done much digging yet on the actors", Romero told the publication. So I'm assuming it was just a virtual machine they were using to launch the attack from. Or, I really pissed someone off.

In other instances, hacking groups with access to large botnets and capable of launching huge scale DDoS attacks will demand to be paid by companies which don't want to have their system disconnected from the Internet.

In June 2014, Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider Code Spaces was forced to shut down after hackers similarly breached its servers and wiped servers.

VFEmail founder Rick Romero confirmed the attack on Tuesday.

"After 17 years if I was planning to shut it down, it'd be shut down by me - not script kiddies", Romero wrote on December 8.

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