I got physically attacked at a restaurant over politics — Conway to CNN

Kellyanne Conway says a woman grabbed her at a restaurant back in October

Kellyanne Conway says a woman grabbed her at a restaurant back in October

Ms Conway could not immediately be reached on Friday (Feb 8) by The Washington Post.

According to CNN, Maryland state law does not require physical assault for an assault charge.

William Alden McDaniel Jr., who represents Ms. Inabinett, denied the allegations to CNN and said his client would plead not guilty. Conway tells Bash that the incident took place in front of a number of people, and more importantly that her daughter got it on cellphone video. "The facts at trial will show this to be true, and show Ms. Conway's account to be false", McDaniel said in a statement.

She countered, "You know why, maybe your audience doesn't because this is no longer the CNN who breaks news, this is the CNN of opinion and anti-Trump stuff".

She added: "This woman thinks it's OK to touch someone else?"

In Maryland, second-degree assault, which is a misdemeanor, is broadly defined and can range from grabbing or spitting on someone to repeatedly punching the person in the face. Conway was at Uncle Julio's, a Mexican restaurant in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC, with her teenage daughter during the incident. "I turned around and the woman was unhinged".

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Conway said she called 911 during the incident in October 2018, though the woman left before the police arrived.

"The suspect was yelling "shame on you" and other comments believed to be about Conway's political views", a police corporal wrote in a charging document based on an interview with the restaurant's manager, CNN reported. It stated that the woman was "forcibly" removed from the building.

Christine Blasey Ford had testified at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in September that Kavanaugh, then a Supreme Court nominee, had sexually assaulted her when the two were teenagers. Are the other girls OK?' " Conway described Trump as saying to her. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, in June by the owner because of her work for President Donald Trump. "Go look in the mirror!" If Inabinett has no previous record, she won't get anything like that if convicted, but she might still do a bit of time in the klink. The incident happened during the height of the White House's "zero tolerance" immigration policy that resulted in family separations at the southern border.

"Which is why I didn't want to talk about it publicly", she continued.

The recent incident allegedly occurred in Montgomery County, where Mrs Hillary Clinton captured almost 75 per cent of the votes in 2016.

Fewer than 20 per cent of ballots were cast for Mr Trump in the county.

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