I Made This Pokémon GIF and I Hate It

I Made This GIF & I Hate It

I Made This GIF & I Hate It

The 30 second spot is mostly an abridged summary of the first trailer, filling us in on the major details: unlikely friendship, talking Pikachu, etc.

But we also see what a Lickitung looks like in this new realistic style. It has a few new gags mixed in, but it's the new pokemon around the halfway mark that really turns heads.

Watch out zero-gravity trash, the space harpoon is coming
That number is in addition to the over 2,000 commercial and government satellites orbiting the earth at the present time. In 2007, the Chinese launched a missile at an old weather satellite, spraying shrapnel into Earth's orbit.

Warner Bros. Pictures just dropped a new teaser of its upcoming live-action Pokémon film Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds, following its official first trailer that debuted back in November. It basically just goes around licking everything in sight which I'd have to guess isn't only unsanitary, but it's just weird.

Not all of the Pokémon in the new Detective Pikachu trailer look scary though. Maybe my childhood dreams of Pokemon existing in the real world was actually a bad thing to want all along. The Pokémon creatures look good, the story seems like a great fit for a film and I like the cast. I'd definitely take a real-life version of that fire doggo if I could. Detective Pikachu releases in theaters later this year on May 10.

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