Intel report indicates that a 5G iPhone won't happen until 2020

Intel expects Apple to shift to ARM-based Mac chips in 2020

Intel expects Apple to shift to ARM-based Mac chips in 2020

Apple is Intel's primary mobile phone customer.

In a media event at Palo Alto, California, Sandra Rivera, an Intel Executive responsible for overseeing Intel's networking chip business, told that the sample 5G modem chips could be shipped to the customers this year, however, Intel was not expecting to market their consumer products until 2020. That's at least a year after the rest of the market. Intel executives, however, refused to comment if the company would combine its modem and processors into a single chip the way its rival Qualcomm has done. This news comes in the same week that Bloomberg's Mark Gurman published a report in which he said Apple planned to allow iOS developers to port their iPad apps to macOS beginning this year. According to reports, it has talked to both MediaTek and Samsung-another firm with which Apple has had numerous legal battles. It's reported that Apple has been in talks with the two chip makers for the development and supply of 5G modems but there has been no solid proof that it's going to happen. Thanks to this embarrassment, Apple has begun an engineering effort to create its own modem chipsets in the future, but this work won't pay off for years to come. Apple uses some hardware part from Intel for its device and in this situation, it needs some backups for its next line up where it may need 5G ready chipset, and it may not go in any business with Qualcomm because they have locked their horns over a few issues in Europe and America.

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