Labour will table amendment in favour of a People's Vote on Brexit

PM reveals there is an 'opportunity to leave with a deal' over Brexit | London Business News

PM reveals there is an 'opportunity to leave with a deal' over Brexit | London Business News

The Prime Minister said it was "not a surprise to anybody" that there were strong views around the Cabinet table on the issue.

Supporters of a second vote say that given the current Brexit deadlock, putting the choice to the people again, this time with more information available to them, is the only way to determine if Britons still want to leave the EU.

She said: "What she (Theresa May) wants to do is just get herself into a position whereby she says "it's my deal or no deal".

The prime minister Theresa May was on Monday in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, attending the EU-League of the Arab States summit.

It came as Donald Tusk said delaying Brexit by extending the Article 50 process was now a "rational solution" given the how close the United Kingdom is to exit day on March 29.

In order to extend Article 50, the European Union would have to agree.

"What it does is precisely what the word "delay" says. It defers the point of decision", she said. "And I think that any extension of Article 50, in that sense, isn't addressing the issue".

"We have it within our grasp".

When MPs come to vote on the Brexit deal, the Speaker decides which amendments get debated and voted on.

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said if Labour's amendment is rejected the party would then "deliver on the promise we made at our annual conference and support a public vote". It is thought that refusing to support this amendment would lead to more Labour defections to The Independent Group, deepening the party split.

Earlier, one United Kingdom official indicated delay could be an option if lawmakers refuse to pass May's deal.

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"We can not and will not accept". He warned May that the European Union was determined to avoid granting a short extension only to have to repeatedly revisit the issue due to a lack of direction in London. Lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected May's deal last month.

A pro-Brexit protester displays placards outside of the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, February 25, 2019.

Tusk said, "I believe that in the situation we are in, an extension would be a rational decision, but prime minister May still believes she will be able to avoid this scenario".

European Parliament Brexit co-ordinator, Guy Verhofstadt said Mrs May is "kicking the can down the road".

A no-deal Brexit is seen as potentially hugely damaging to the Britain's economy, the world's fifth largest.

"I think it would be disastrous if we had a delay", said Bernard Jenkin, a Conservative pro-Brexit lawmaker.

He added: "Theresa May is recklessly running down the clock in a desperate attempt to force MPs to choose between her deal and no deal".

The EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, is due to re-engage with the British team, including Downing Street's senior Brexit adviser, Olly Robbins, the Brexit secretary, Stephen Barclay, and Geoffrey Cox, the attorney general, in Brussels on Tuesday.

However, even some of her most loyal supporters in parliament told the Guardian that a delay to Brexit was "pretty much inevitable".

Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood suggested there was a possibility of Mrs May herself announcing an extension of the two-year Article 50 negotiation process beyond March 29. That would delay Brexit to May 23, the start of the European Parliament elections, if lawmakers have not approved a deal by March 12.

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