Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine's tank top steals show, becomes meme

Adam Levine Takes His Shirt Off

Adam Levine Takes His Shirt Off

Adam Levine was likened to an "awkward stripper" during his Super Bowl halftime show performance with Maroon 5.

Some people couldn't contain their thirst, some people couldn't contain their anger over the double standards that Adam's ~nipple reveal~ has raised, especially when you consider the backlash Janet Jackson received back in 2004 but nonetheless, people were absolutely GAGGED to discover that the frontman was covered in hundreds of random tattoos underneath that awful bad brown tank top. Then he peeled off the busy brown shirt and the snark turned to outrage over his exposed nipples.

Many viewers took to social media platforms to question why Levine was not criticized for going topless, while artist Janet Jackson was criticized for her "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 halftime show. The incident went down in Super Bowl history and the National Football League recorded it as a "wardrobe malfunction" and an "accident".

With so many mixed responses and reactions to Adam Levine's half-time show, there really is no way to judge it on a whole.

Levine bounced back and forth and enthusiastically waved his arm during the performance, but critics felt his moves feel flat compared to the rapper, with many taking to Twitter to say he looked 'so white'.

At that time, the singer faced huge backlash for the nip slip.

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Amine seemed puzzled by the double standard, tweeting, "A$3 ye if janet can't show skin why can adam?"

"Janet Jackson's good reputation was tarnished for 50 percent less nipple than we saw today", another user added.

Whether those "critics" he noted had pushed him to consider the protests of others, reevaluate a show which some deemed "boring", or simply to change stylists, well... we'll let you be the judge.

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