Matthew Whitaker Hearing Goes Off The Rails After He Chastises Chairman

WATCH LIVE: Matthew Whitaker to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee at 9:30am ET

WATCH LIVE: Matthew Whitaker to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee at 9:30am ET

On Friday's broadcast of CNN's "Situation Room", House Judiciary Committee member Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said she got the sense that Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was not truthful during his testimony before the committee earlier in the day.

Earlier in the hearing, Nadler mentioned that he would like to bring Whitaker back for a closed-door interview with the committee. Democratic Caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries later railed at Whitaker. "We have agreed to five-minute rounds", he added.

The grilling amounted to a confirmation-style hearing for an acting official who may only have a few more days left on the job - President Trump's nominee to lead the Department of Justice, William Barr, is poised for Senate confirmation in the near future. (D-N.J.) and Adam Schiff, the chairmen of the Oversight, Energy and Commerce and Intelligence committees, sent a letter asking the acting attorney general to turn over documents related to his work at World Patent Marketing, which was shut down for fraud by the Federal Trade Commission in 2017.

Watch the Nadler-Whitaker exchange and Herridge's report above.

Whitaker stood by his prior statement, saying, "I have answered your question as to what I believe about the special counsel".

Najib appeals against withdrawal of certificate to transfer seven charges
Thomas countered that today's appeals were related to the three appeals and had nothing to do with the appeal on the certificate of transfer.

Democrats repeatedly accused Whitaker of running out the clock by giving them evasive or rambling answers in the hearing.

"Mr. Attorney General, we're not joking here, and your humor is not acceptable", the congresswoman responded.

"Mr. Chairman, I see that your five minutes is up", Whitaker said, in a bold challenge to the head of the committee.

Whitaker accepted the assurances, as evidenced by his Friday appearance.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, in a letter to Nadler, said Whitaker is prepared to discuss some topics if the subpoena threat is removed, including his decision not to recuse himself from the Russian Federation probe. Earlier Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to the send nomination of William Barr as next USA attorney general to the full Senate for consideration. But Nadler did not specify when that would occur, and Whitaker did not say whether he would be willing to attend.

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