More Sinnoh Pokemon added to Pokemon Go, Raid Battle changes coming



Niantic has announced an update last night that featured the release of several new Sinnoh Evolution Pokemon. The update will come to both iOS as well as Android. There are some others from the region that will newly appear in the wild, as well. New moves have been added for several Pokemon such as Dragon Tail for Arbok, Meteor Mash for Clefairy, Flamethrower for Houndoom (why wasn't this there before?!) and more. Players must have Sinnoh Stones in order to evolve these Kanto-region Pokémon into their Sinnoh counterparts, and those aren't easy to come by. Any Pokemon that evolves from a Pokemon from a previous generation will require it to evolve. As of today, Niantic finally expands the lists for evolving the Pokemon. At the same time, the developer also comes forward with brand new Pokemons that the AR trainers can catch with their Pokeballs. You'll now have a chance of encountering Combee, Glameow, and the fossil Pokemon Shieldon and Cranidos out in the field.

Pokemon Go latest update introduce several new Pokemons that can be seen in the Sinnoh region.

In the meantime, the players can also expect many Sinnoh Pokemons in the eggs. For instance, Machamp will learn the Rock-type move Rock Slide, which can help it fight against certain Flying-type Pokemon. This is the first debut of gender-dependent evolutions in Pokemon Go.

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According to the source, there is an error message appears when you attempt to evolve. This can be a bug and hopefully, Niantic will fix it soon. You will need to have a Sinnoh Stone if you want to evolve your Pokemon into these Gen 4 Pokemon.

"The Pokemon cited in the update included Lickilicky and Tangrowth, which evolve from Lickitung and Tangela respectively". These Pokemon have been long awaited by players, as Niantic originally started releasing Pokemon from the Sinnoh region back in October. Apart from these legendary Pokemons, there are more Pokemons from Hoenn Region arrived in the Pokemon Go.

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