New range of microSD cards with super fast transfer speeds coming soon

microSD Express unlocks hyper-fast data speeds for mobile devices

microSD Express unlocks hyper-fast data speeds for mobile devices

Officially dubbed microSD Express, cards supporting these new specifications will use the PCI Express and NVMe interfaces to reach data transfer speeds of up to 985MB/s. The new memory card standard has been introduced alongside the SD7.1 specification which describes the incorporation of the PCIe NVMe interface to the legacy SD interface in the microSD form factor. This announcement is a follow up to the larger sized SD Express, announced in the middle of a year ago.

The tech is arriving in capacities like microSDHC Express, microSDXC Express, and microSDUC Express; you can see these and the new "express" signage in the images below. The new format is roughly seven times faster than the fastest microSD card on the market now.

"microSD Express gives the mobile industry a compelling new choice to equip mobile devices with removable SSDs", said Hiroyuki Sakamoto, SDA president. It'll also open up features like bus mastering, which lets memory cards communicate with other components without pinging the CPU, making for faster multi-tasking.

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With support for the low-power sub-states (L1.1 and L1.2) of PCIe v3.1, the new cards will actually use less power than classic microSDs, despite being much faster than them.

For now, no manufacturers have yet to announce the creation of microSD Express or SD Express cards as well as supported accessories.

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