Ontario government employee fired after leak of Ford’s health plan

NDP says leaked documents show Ford government will privatize Ornge, other aspects of health care

NDP says leaked documents show Ford government will privatize Ornge, other aspects of health care

At issue are the government documents released by the NDP, which were leaked to them by someone in the government.

A leaked draft bill revealed last week by the New Democrats shows the Ontario government is considering creating a "super agency" to manage health-care services in the province as part of a transformation the Opposition says could open the door to privatization.

The NDP has released documents they say appear to be government presentations, and include references to cabinet approving the plan and appointing board members. So far Premier Doug Ford has made public comments about the police investigation.

A new structure for health care in Ontario is laid out in a January 22 briefing document.

The documents suggest the government is looking at private sector providers of public health labs and the air ambulance system, Ornge, but Elliott told a media conference that she has no intention of privatizing these health services.

The Ford government is asking the OPP to investigate the massive leak of government documents to the NDP. "That super agency will quote 'partner with public and private sector entities'". Subject to Cabinet approval, the Super Agency has the power of "selling any of its services, including any analyses it has prepared of any information it has collected". "This scheme is an unprecedented opportunity for private, for-profit corporations to get their mitts on our health-care system".

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They also show a new model of "integrated care delivery" is being created, called MyCare groups, meant to "provide patients with seamless, co-ordinated care and a single team of providers for all their care needs".

The NDP leader said the contracts would be won through a bid system, which will have "expression of interest" due in March, if the legislation were approved.

The draft legislation would allow the government to roll local health integration networks, Cancer Care Ontario, eHealth Ontario, the Trillium Gift of Life Network and other government health agencies into the super agency.

The government was informed at a January 17 agency review meeting that there was a risk of a potential labour disruption with unionized, LHIN-employed care coordinators, primarily Ontarion Nurses Association (ONA) represented members whose collective agreements expire in March.

A report from an Agency Review Project Team Meeting - dated January 17 - identifies the risk as service disruption during the transition period and potential labour disruption with "unionized LHIN-employed care coordinators". We have patients suffering through painfully long waits, and we have rampant hallway medicine making patients less comfortable, and less safe.

Elliott went on to say, her government is bringing "desperately needed and overdue changes" Ontario's health system at a later date. "We need to expand Canadian medicare - not let Doug Ford break it apart".

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