Organizers of unsanctioned Fortnite festival facing lawsuit from Epic Games

One mum said thousands of people were queuing up for attractions. Credit SWNS

One mum said thousands of people were queuing up for attractions. Credit SWNS

With legal proceedings looming, however, the future of Fortnite Live looks about as bleak as the event itself.

In a statement, Exciting Events' director Shaun Lord said: "Fortnite Live has always been an unofficial event created by Fortnite fans, for Fortnite fans, and was designed around children playing the game, with the activities brainstormed by an audience of 10-14 year olds".

Epic Games is suing the organizers behind a United Kingdom.

The company behind Fortnite is suing the organisers of a live event based on the video game.

Fortnite Live was meant to be a celebration of all things related to the blockbuster game, but in the grand tradition of other festivals such as the infamous FyreCon or Rain Furrest, it crashed and burned spectacularly.

"Epic Games was not in any way associated with the event that took place in Norwich".

The organisers of Fortnite Live, a dumpster fire of a show that drew nearly 3000 people to a showground in England then disappointed them, are being sued by Epic for using the game's name and imagery without permission.

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Since the event people have asked for their money back.

Many parents were left in queues for over an hour, with only around six attractions on offer, including a tiny dance floor competition, with the event described as "horrendous".

Exciting Events has removed Fortnite festivals planned for Spalding and Newark from its website.

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I can't say that I feel sorry for Exciting Events. The event organiser, Exciting Events, has stated that they were "dealing with everybody on an individual basis" in terms of refunds, but that they believed they had "put on a fantastic show with lots of activities and lots of people enjoyed themselves". It is highlighted to us now that we didn't have enough of that'.

It's like a tiny Fyre Festival for kids. "People are entitled to their own opinion and we can't stop that".

Visitors to the festival were charged up to £22 for a ticket and a further £20 each for wristbands to take part in attractions.

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