Outrage After Maduro Troops Intimidate Guaido at His Home

Foreign Secretary call with Juan Guaido: 30 January 2019

Foreign Secretary call with Juan Guaido: 30 January 2019

- Venezuelan opposition leader and self-declared president Juan Guaido claimed that Maduro government officials were seeking to ship gold reserves out of the country as part of a strategy to increase the central bank's liquidity.

Russian Federation and China, among others, back Maduro, who has said National Assembly head Guaido's self-declared claim to the presidency is an attempted US -backed coup.

The embattled Nicolas Maduro regime halted plans to ship 20 tons of Venezuelan gold overseas as a growing worldwide push to ring-fence the country's dwindling hard assets unnerved those handling the transaction, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter.

Sucre says European support for Guaido will influence others. Russia, Mexico and Uruguay were among the states that voiced their support for incumbent President Nicolas Maduro as the only legitimate leader.

"I hold you responsible for anything that might happen to my baby", the opposition leader said, speaking directly to President Nicolas Maduro.

On Thursday, Marco Rubio, the Florida senator who has helped spearhead the U.S.'s hard-line stance toward the Maduro regime, fired off a tweet calling out the United Arab Emirates' Noor Capital as the financial firm orchestrating the gold transaction with Venezuelan authorities.

The dramatic turn against Maduro's leftist regime culminated quickly, but it came after weeks of behind-the-scenes diplomacy including a hushed meeting in Washington with Guaido, who was quickly recognized by Washington as Venezuela's president.

Four major European powers - Britain, France, Germany and Spain - have said they would do so if Maduro fails to call presidential elections by the weekend.

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The United States also rejects offers from Mexico, Uruguay and the Vatican to mediate a dialogue. Bolton added that the Trump administration has a range of economic and political measures for Venezuela. "Maduro has to leave", Sucre told The Associated Press in Madrid, where he is wrapping up a three-day European tour to enlist support for Guaido.

"Power is evaporating from Maduro's hands with the passing of the hours", Sucre said.

"We have been contacted by diplomatic workers across Europe who are ready to take a step forward, but they are waiting for the right moment".

The United States is also monitoring trade between its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally Turkey and Venezuela and will take action if it judges any sanctions have been violated, a senior US official said in Istanbul.

USA individuals working for non-U.S. companies outside the United States and Venezuela have until March 29 to carry out "certain maintenance or wind-down transactions", the note also said.

Pence said the United States was working to get more aid to Venezuela.

Any transactions with Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or any entity in which it has a controlling stake, involving USA citizens or passing through the country's financial system must be wound down by April 28, the Treasury said.

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