QB Nick Foles opts out after Philadelphia Eagles pick up option

Carson Wentz opens up about controversial article relationship with Eagles teammates

Carson Wentz opens up about controversial article relationship with Eagles teammates

I know how I carry myself, I know I'm not flawless, I know I have flaws.

"If there were guys that had issues, in hindsight, I wish we could have just talked about them", Wentz said.

"If someone did have this perception of me, why?" In order to get better compensation for Foles, the team decided it was worth picking up his $20 million option. Yes, I can be selfish. If the Eagles choose to franchise Foles, it'll be at the cost of around $25 million, and the team will still have to find a willing trade partner for Foles or be forced to carry the most expensive backup in National Football League history. "There's human elements to that, that I really look at and say, 'Well, I can get better'".

A year ago, Nick Foles was coming off being named Super Bowl MVP and it was the peak of his value. If they franchise Foles, they could keep him around for another season. The Philly Voice report last month suggested Wentz was playing in Foles' shadow, saying Foles is "universally loved" in the Eagles locker room.

Wentz said upon reading the story he was "a little confused" and tried to "play detective" to figure out which teammates had spoken anonymously in the story. We'll be the first to say that we are different.

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Wentz's teammates immediately rushed to his defense via text and social media, with Jason Kelce saying, "I'll go to war any day of the week and twice on Sunday with guys like Carson Wentz".

"It hasn't been the easiest a year ago for me on the physical level, just battling the injuries, but then just personally going through it, sitting on the sideline and then playing and then sitting on the sideline again", Wentz said.

This isn't really news, it isn't surprising, the drama is about what happens next. "Whether that's from living in quote, "that shadow" or whatever, there's plenty of stress and pressure here that you try and block out as much as you can".

The story also cites sources who said Wentz "bullied" offensive coordinator Mike Groh.

"Initially I'm like trying to figure out who could it have been", Wentz said.

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