Ron and Don: Hurricanes’ celebrations are ‘absolutely ridiculous’

Ron and Don: Hurricanes’ celebrations are ‘absolutely ridiculous’

Ron and Don: Hurricanes’ celebrations are ‘absolutely ridiculous’

NHL team the Carolina Hurricanes are storming against Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry after he called them a "jerks" for their unusual after-game celebrations.

The team has even organized a game of duck, duck, goose along with bowling and human dominoes.

So, Carolina chose to have some fun with Cherry, just like they did with Burke.

The 85-year-old former coach suggested there's a time and a place for it. On Saturday night he said the routine is a "joke" and said: "They better not do this in the playoffs".

"Young men expressing themselves for (the) joy of winning", he said in a mocking tone. "You don't do this [in] professional hockey". What are these guys?

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Cherry said "Imagine Justin Williams doing stuff like that", so, of course, the Hurricanes posted a picture of Williams doing the limbo. However, now that the Hurricanes are one of the hottest teams in the National Hockey League (they're 16-5-1 in 2019), there have been plenty of celebrations, leading to even more talk about them.

The Hurricanes won again by defeating the Dallas Stars, 3-0, to move into a playoff spot for the time being by jumping one point ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins who were on the losing end of a 5-4 decision against the Calgary Flames earlier in the day.

With that in mind, in an effort to somewhat rebrand the team and how they approach the game, Carolina has developed a new tradition of closing out home wins with some wild, choreographed team celebrations on the ice. Not only are the Hurricanes going to keep celebrating and having fun, they're going to profit off of Cherry's anger.

Perhaps Cherry made those comments for ratings or to go viral, or maybe he actually believes what he said. Carolina now finds itself just one point shy of the second wild card spot in the Eastern Conference.

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