Rumor: Microsoft to Announce Next Generation Models at E3 2019

Rumor: Microsoft to Announce Next Generation Models at E3 2019

Rumor: Microsoft to Announce Next Generation Models at E3 2019

In addition, the site claims the next Xbox specs which were leaked last year weren't far off what we can actually expect Microsoft to announcement later this year. In today's case, that specifically means Halo rumors.

Announcing a new console, two years after the release of the "most powerful" Xbox ever just doesnt make sense to me. Microsoft will also allegedly reveal a disc-free version of the current Xbox One in the coming months, presumably to prepare consumers for a digital-only system in the future.

There's a surprisingly big difference in power between the models, much more so than between the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, which suggests that the Lockhart will be very cheap (or that these rumours are false).

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As previously reported, the format holder is planning on launching two versions of the new Xbox: the Anaconda and the Lockhart.

Today's report clarifies a "fall 2020" release window for Microsoft's "next-gen consoles", though it doesn't confirm whether Microsoft now plans to launch both the Anaconda and Lockhart simultaneously or whether one may be held back for the sake of a staggered release. For example, the Microsoft originally developed the Xbox One under the codename of "Durango, ' while rival console makers Sony and Nintendo at one point referred to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as 'Neo" and 'NX, ' respectively. Though 343 seems content with laying low for now following recent information given through various live streams, we're learning a little more about the RPG elements the game could have and how player choice will factor in.

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