School Warns Momo Challenge Is Hacking Peppa Pig And Fortnite

YouTube logo provided by Wikimedia Commons

YouTube logo provided by Wikimedia Commons

Dr Free Hess, a paediatrician and mother, had learnt about the chilling videos over the summer when another mum spotted one on YouTube Kids. "Search for "UFO" on YouTube Kids and you'll mostly find videos of toys that are clearly fine for children to watch". Free Hess writes on her blog,, about a video she says give suicide instructions to children.

"I think it's extremely unsafe for our kids", Dr Hess told the news outlet. "I'm a pediatrician, and I'm seeing more and more kids coming in with self harm and suicide attempts".

Hess added to CBS News that she made it her mission to bring awareness to disturbing and violent content children consume on social media after seeing higher rates of suicide in children in her own emergency room over the last few years.

"We have strict policies that prohibit videos which promote self-harm".

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A fellow mother, a physician, had initially alerted her to the clip on YouTube Kids, saying it had been "intentionally planted on YouTube Kids to harm our children".

YouTube Kids has previously come under fire for failing to curate content on the platform correctly, Business Insider reported previous year that conspiracy theory videos were prominent on the platform.

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On Feb. 15, one such suicide sequence was found almost five minutes into a cartoon on YouTube by emergency room pediatrician Dr. "But one of the top videos claimed to show a UFO shooting at a chemtrail, and we found several videos by prominent conspiracy theorist David Icke in the suggested videos", Business Insider reported. "We rely on both user-flagging and smart-detection technology to flag this content for our reviewers", the firm said in a statement.

Hess wants YouTube to do a better job of screening videos intended for YouTube Kids.

"The man quickly walked in, held his arm out, and tracing his forearm, said, 'Kids, remember, cut this way for attention, and this way for results, ' and then quickly walked off", the woman reported anonymously.

"In this next cartoon a young girl commits suicide with a knife after her father dies and her boyfriend breaks up with her", Hess said of another.

A school has issued a warning to parents after the sick suicide Momo Challenge is believed to have "hacked" into popular children's games including Peppa Pig. But no system is ideal and inappropriate videos can slip through, so we're constantly working to improve our safeguards and offer more features to help parents create the right experience for their families.

Dr Kaslow, who teaches at Emory University's school of medicine, said that some children who are more vulnerable may be drawn to such grim content.

For support in the United States, call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255.

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