Six US police officers shoot rapper dead in Taco Bell drive-through

Six Police Officers Shoot Dead Californian Rapper Asleep In His Car

Six Police Officers Shoot Dead Californian Rapper Asleep In His Car

California police have said a 20-year-old black man who was shot and killed in his vehicle by six officers last week had reached for a gun first.

Harrison said no one in Vallejo trusts the police. However, police said they noticed the auto was in drive, so they positioned a marked patrol vehicle right in front of the auto to prevent "forward or erratic movement" while they called for a patrol supervisor to respond to the scene.

Updates regarding the incident are pending.

Police requested medical assistance and began lifesaving efforts however McCoy died at the scene.

Vallejo is a city near San Francisco that has been the site of several alleged cases of police brutality against black residents.

The Vallejo Police Department and Solano County District Attorney's Office say they have launched a "thorough and in-depth" investigation into the Saturday night shooting.

Police received a call at 10:30 p.m. when an employee of the restaurant on Admiral Callaghan Lane reported that a driver was slumped over in the driver's seat of a silver Mercedes.

A California rapper who was shot and killed by police on Saturday was sleeping and not threatening officers with the handgun found on his lap prior to his death, his family said.

In 2015 Oakland police also killed a man found passed out in his auto, with authorities claiming he abruptly woke up and reached for a gun in the passenger seat. The rapper, also known as Willie Bo, was sleeping in his auto when police arrived on the scene on Saturday.

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"The officers told the driver to keep his hands visible, however, the driver quickly reached for the handgun on his lap", police said in a statement.

"Fearing for their safety, six officers fired their duty weapons at the driver", investigators said in a statement.

Multiple rounds were fired. "Officers continued yelling commands at the driver and ultimately reached through the broken glass of the driver's window to unlock the vehicle". An official post-mortem examination is still under way.

The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrate leave.

"There was no attempt to try to work out a peaceful solution", Marc McCoy, Willie's older brother, told the Guardian. McCoy's family remains distraught over it all.

Harrison also took to Facebook to warn Black parents to protect their children from the police.

He said his cousin had finished up a session in a recording studio before he drove to the Taco Bell.

"I want no other parents, no other kid's parents, to go through this ever again", Mr Harrison said. "My cousin was asleep in the auto and they shot him ..."

"The police's job is to arrest people who are breaking the law - not take the law into your own hands".

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