Skype introduces background blur to disguise the bong you forgot about

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If you've got something especially sensitive in the background, removing it from view before launching a call is the best course of action to prevent any embarrassment or leaks.

IF YOU'RE the sort of person whose kids decide to visit you in your office when you're trying to talk to the BBC, then Microsoft has great news for you. With this new feature, Skype users will be able to blur the messy backgrounds, particularly during business conference calls.

It's similar to the blurring feature the company added to Microsoft Teams a year ago and could be handy if, say, your kids wandered in the room while you were being interviewed over Skype. Despite its popularity, background blur isn't as common in videos because of complexity as well as the lack of need for such artistic effects in video chats, especially video conferencing.

"Background blur in Skype and Teams uses artificial intelligence (AI)-trained in human form detection-to keep you in focus during your call", the Skype team explained.

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Microsoft has not indicated when, or if, background blurring will come to the mobile version of Skype, but for now desktop users can activate the feature within Skype's settings, or from within individual video calls.

The feature is only available on the desktop and laptop application.

Microsoft says it does its best to blur your surroundings but can not guarantee that everything will always be blurred.

While on a call, right-click your camera feed at the top right corner of your screen, and click the "Blur my background" option in the pop-up menu.

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