Sponsored Anthem review taken down by EA after critic displays negative thoughts

Bioware Variety

Bioware Variety

Youtuber Gggmanlives told that EA blacklisted him for his negative review Anthem. Gggmanlives is part of the publisher's Game Changers program, which is created to give its titles coverage without any editorial or content control. We don't believe in that.

"Our team in Australia asked the video to be taken down because some of our conditions on disclosure on sponsored weren't met", Williams said.

"In our Friday changes, one of the edits we made had the side effect of increasing certain drop chances", Irving said on Reddit.

The new version, which you can see below, begins with a short notice where Gggmanlives explains that he was banned from the Electronic Arts supported Youtubers list and had to redo his video.

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In response to Gggmanlive's claims on Twitter, that he'd been blacklisted by the company, EA's manager of community engagement, Lee Williams refuted the claims, writing: 'Just want to clear something up.

This doesn't seem to be a good look from EA's point of view, but without the complete story it's hard to comment further on - from the surface of it only and in my opinion, it pushes a lot of questions around the whole "paying" a reviewer to play and give feedback on a specific game in the first place, even if it is through a "sponsored program".

Before the speculation of a stealth nerf gathered too much momentum, Irving swooped into a number of threads that had popped up on the topic to explain that the drop rates had been accidentally boosted, and have simply been returned to those pre-patch.

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