Students Gather in Central Glasgow for Climate 'Youth Strike'

Norwich and Cambridge pupils to walk out of lessons as part of climate change protest

Norwich and Cambridge pupils to walk out of lessons as part of climate change protest

Thousands of students from primary and secondary schools across the United Kingdom took part in Youth Strike 4 Climate demonstrations on February 15, demanding action on climate change and promoting environmentalism.

"We support our students to campaign on issues that matter to them but encourage them not to disrupt their education, so that they have the best start in life and can then go on and make a difference to the world".

School pupils across Scotland are going on strike in protest against the destruction of the planet.

Actions are expected across the United Kingdom, as part of global movement called Schools 4 Climate Action, inspired by 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg.

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The worldwide #ClimateStrike movement is growing - with actions taking place throughout the world, including those in Australia, Belgium, Germany, the United States, Japan and more than a dozen other countries.

Organisers chanted, "This is what democracy looks like", meaning that direct action has to be taken by them because they don't have the vote yet due to their age.

The national protest, called "Youth Strike 4 Climate", is being led by a coalition of campaigners who are calling on the Government to declare "a state of climate emergency".

"Young people are absolutely right to be concerned and angry about the kind of future older generations are on course to bequeath to them", Mr Lewis said.

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