Taggart star John Michie says daughter’s boyfriend ‘let her die’ from overdose

John Michie louella

John Michie louella

They struggled to get past security into the festival site.

Appearing in the witness box at Winchester crown court, Michie said he had at first defended Broughton following his daughter's death at Bestival in Dorset.

Ceon Broughton arrives at Winchester crown court on Thursday.

Boyfriend Ceon Broughton, 29, denies manslaughter and supplying drugs.

"I felt that I needed to get down there and help my daughter".

Giving evidence, the Holby City star wept as he described his efforts to persuade a member of security staff to let him in.

She said her daughter sounded like a "wild animal" and was "screeching" in the call received from Broughton. He said he could hear his daughter in the background sounding distressed.

Louella took the class A party drug 2-CP at Bestival in Dorset on September 10 2017 and died in woodland an hour before her 25th birthday.

"She was like a wild animal in the background". That was the last time I heard her voice.

"If that was me and my boyfriend there's no way he would not have got me help". The prosecution has claimed Broughton failed to get help because he was given a suspended prison sentence a month earlier and feared the consequences.

Mr Michie said he thought Louella and Broughton's relationship was "beautiful to see" and that he issued a statement in support of Broughton following press reports he was allegedly involved in murder.

"I asked mum if I could take the phone and go and speak to Ceon".

"I believe he even filmed her after she was dead".

He added: "I think Louella loved Ceon. I don't know how you can say you loved someone who you left to die in front of you".

"If I was in Ceon's situation I would have taken another human being - let alone another human being who I was supposed to be in love with - to a medical tent to save her life", he said.

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John Michie, a star of the BBC drama Holby City, said he did not believe that his daughter's boyfriend of about a year had loved her.

Describing the phone call from Mr Broughton, Mr Michie said: "The thing that I most remember was that Louella seemed very distressed".

"I could hear Louella saying "give me my phone" and 'I don't trust you, I hate you.' She loved Ceon but in this moment, under the influence, this was what she was saying".

She said Broughton told her "she will be fine, don't worry", adding: "I've never heard her before like that, I've never heard anyone before like that, that's why we got in the vehicle and drove down - because of her voice".

Louella had "sounded crazy" when she heard her yelling on the call with Broughton, Daisy told the court.

"I can't remember much from what Ceon said but I remember the tone of his voice, it was watery and distant and without energy".

"He didn't seem to be concerned, I thought". His voice was slow and he didn't seem to be concerned and any normal person would be.

As he took the stand, Michie stared at Broughton.

"You don't know for example how many times he told people where he was", he said.

"I couldn't get any sense of urgency".

"There's no way I can believe in six hours someone [wouldn't make] their best efforts to get 400m to a medical tent". Eventually, she saw Broughton and he told her he had put his coat over Fletcher-Michie. I don't think I ever saw her drunk.

Louella's sister Daisy Fletcher-Michie and her brother Sam Fletcher-Michie also told the court how they had "begged" Broughton on the phone to take Louella to a medical tent.

She said Broughton told her: "Don't worry I'll look after her".

He said this could have meant a "bigger dose" or "maybe something else alongside" the drug.

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