Tesla Disses Cats, Rolls Out Dog Mode In Over-The-Air Update

Tesla's Stock Receives 'Buy' Upgrade On European Opportunity EV Penetration

Tesla's Stock Receives 'Buy' Upgrade On European Opportunity EV Penetration

Dubbed "Dog Mode", the feature keeps the climate control functioning after the driver exists the vehicle so that any pets inside stay at a safe temperature. In fact, the idea was born back in October 2018 when a Twitter user asked the boss if he would introduce the function - which also includes a message on the central screen telling any anxious passers-by that the dog is being kept cool and its owner will be right back.

It said the temperature inside a vehicle can rise nearly 20 degrees in just 10 minutes.

Tesla has rolled out a new mode for pet owners that creates a safe environments for pets to stay in the auto while the owner is away. This temperature regulation ensures that your dog won't overheat while you run inside to grab some groceries.

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When activated the auto enters a type of standby mode and monitors the close surroundings with external cameras. Tesla is introducing a new security tool called "sentry mode." .

To turn on Dog Mode, owners will first need to tap the fan icon at the base of the touchscreen when their vehicle is parked. If activity deemed risky is observed, the vehicle then switches to "alert mode". The company has revealed that upgraded Tesla vehicles will feature a setting called "Dog Mode", which keeps your pooch safe and comfortable while left alone in the auto. If the vehicle's battery dips under 20 percent while Dog Mode is active, owners are alerted on their smartphones to take action. If a more serious threat occurs such as a window being broken, the alarm activates, the center display gets brighter and the car's audio system plays at maximum volume.

Owners are notified through the Tesla mobile app, and a video recording can be obtained if a formatted USB drive is plugged in before sentry mode is activated.

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