Texas Teacher Cuts Hair to Look Like Teased Student

Texas Teacher Cuts Hair to Look Like Teased Student

Texas Teacher Cuts Hair to Look Like Teased Student

She truly is an inspiration - that's the long and short of it.

Grimm explained she wants to teach her students not just in academics but in life, saying, "What better way to show them that you can look any way and be true to yourself and that you can be whoever you want - it doesn't matter what you look like - than to cut my own hair?" She also makes sure to wear matching bows with Priscilla every day to ensure the 5-year-old feels supported.

"So, I did something today. I am going to show them the love and support that they need to learn". "Friends started to call her a boy, and those words cut deep", Grimm told ABC news.

It got so bad, Perez wouldn't take her hat off when she got to school.

Prisilla became embarrassed over her pixie-cut hairstyle after classmates told her it made her look "like a boy".

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Grim noticed that Perez had been depressed for a while.

"When my students come to school upset because of the way they look, that destroys me", the teacher said. However, when Grimm realised that the little girl was being bullied for her short hair, she chose to cut her own hair in solidarity with the student. However, the student presented her teacher with a medal for being her hero.

When she returned to the classroom, Grimm's students were shocked to see their formerly long-locked teacher sporting a shorter style.

After the experience, Grimm told Today that Priscilla's confidence went up.

"I am going to do other things for my friends in the classroom besides teach them".

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