The latest Windows 10 update is the least successful version ever

Something Happened: Windows Setup Error Messages Will Finally Be Useful (Maybe)

Something Happened: Windows Setup Error Messages Will Finally Be Useful (Maybe)

More than 500 million Windows 7 users will need to upgrade to Windows 10 over the next 12 months or face being unsupported and open to attacks by newly discovered vulnerabilities in the OS which will never be patched.

The company acknowledged that the current system is not well suited to provide users who are not very tech savvy with needed information to fix issues encountered during setup (or upgrade).

The only actionable options are to go back and end setup or to refresh; refresh won't change anything, however, until the software is either removed or, if possible, updated.

The new Setup dialogs present more information with direct links to error articles.

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This is obviously much better than leaving Windows 10 users without any choices, and it's probably really time for Microsoft to focus on small details like these that can make Windows 10 PCs a pain to use.

The interface provides little information other than that Windows compatibility found these apps to be incompatible with a newer version of Windows. Microsoft aims in the future to manage most errors inside the upgrade process, rather than simply chucking users out with obscure errors which discourage them. With the current setup dialog, you have an error message but no link to more info to learn exactly what is wrong. The only options that users have is to uninstall the listed programs to continue, or close the dialog. Windows 10 version 1903 is projected to be finalized in March, while the public rollout to production devices across the world should kick off in April. Starting at just after the hour mark, Microsoft's James Atkins and Julia Troxell laid out the problem clearly, and the steps they are taking to solve this problem going forward.

Now You: Which error related issues should Microsoft address as well?

These weird error messages are likely to show up in many different circumstances, and they're unfortunately not exclusive to Windows 10.

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