There are 230 new emoji on the way in 2019

There are 230 new emoji on the way in 2019

There are 230 new emoji on the way in 2019

Plan International UK were locked into a stalemate with Unicode Consortium - the organisation that approves what emojis become part of this new, global language - who had left their original proposal for a period trousers emoji "forever on hold", they told us.

Disability-themed emojis will be the biggest addition to this year's new batch of approved emojis. With gender and skin tone variations, there will be 230 total options. A subset of those emojis include gender inclusive couples for users who do not subscribe to any particular gender. New animals include a sloth, an otter, an orangutan, and a skunk. One emoji that has people excited is the new pinching hand emoji, which has already sparked people's imaginations and had its fair share of memes.

It is called "Pinching Hand", but online users have been quick to point out that once it is officially released it may not be used to convey the act of pinching. Below, see a video run-through of the new emoji (in the iOS style) put together by Emojipedia, a voting member of the Unicode Consortium and the largest emoji reference website.

Emojepedia's sample images of what the new emojis may look like when released.

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Foodies will enjoy some new - and in some instances long-awaited - additions such as waffle, butter, juice box, garlic, and falafel.

Apple had criticised the lack of representation of people with disabilities. You'll now have access to drop of blood, adhesive bandage, and stethoscope to describe your pain, in case you fall over a wooden chair (a new emoji) or fall victim to an axe (also a new one).

While today marks the approval of the new emoji by the Unicode Consortium, it'll be some time before these images make it to your phone's keyboard. There are now icons for mechanical arms and legs, deafness and a hearing aid, motorized and unpowered wheelchairs and probing canes (both on their own and in use), plus guide and service dogs.

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