Trump says talks on wall are a 'waste of time'



President Donald Trump called the ongoing talks with congressional lawmakers to avoid another shutdown "a waste of time" on Thursday, and suggested he would circumvent them in order to fund his border wall in an interview with The New York Times. "We haven't declared the national emergency yet, but we're building the wall". The issue here is less that it will get him his wall as it will provide an explanation for why he doesn't try to force another government shutdown in the face of Pelosi's refusal to give him his wall.

Pinning him down on distrust of USA intelligence during the Bush admistration, Brennan then reminded President Trump about Bolton, who he had hired despite his ties to the Iraq war effort.

Late previous year, Senate Democrats had appeared to be willing to allow $1.6 billion in border wall money but retreated from that after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she wouldn't accept it.

Now, however, Democrats say they're no longer willing to extend money to the project.

Uber Raises Prices in New York City, Citing New Minimum Wage Law
They complain that Uber and Lyft have come to dominate the market without having to follow the rules that apply to taxis. The number is based on drivers' miles traveled plus time driving, which is then divided by "utilization rate".

Trump's threat comes well before the expiration of a February 15 deadline that he set for Congress to agree on funding for wall construction.

The president then repeated his cryptic claim: "We've set the stage for what's going to happen".

Senator John Kennedy has said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi might be able to bring herself to agree to a deal for funding a border wall if the barrier was referred to by another name.

One former White House official earlier this week told Roll Call those legal challenges likely would move quickly through the court system, with the big question being whether the U.S. Supreme Court would break with its decades of precedent by siding against a sitting president's ability to decide when national security is at risk.

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