USA corporations want Venezuela's resources - Maduro

Wilmer Guiado the taxi driving father of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guiado

Wilmer Guiado the taxi driving father of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guiado

Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan opposition leader recognized as the country's interim president by the USA and several major European countries, plans to drop the requirement that Venezuela's state oil firm PDVSA hold a majority stake in all joint projects, as the leader looks to boost oil production as soon as possible, Guaidó's envoy to the US has told Bloomberg.

Some EU countries hoped to go further than a joint statement on Venezuela agreed ten days ago declaring Maduro's re-election illegitimate and warning of "further actions, including on the issue of recognition of the country's leadership" if new elections are not called soon. Because the National Assembly does not recognize the legitimacy of Maduro's reelection, the body asserts that, according to the Venezuelan constitution, it is empowered to appoint the Assembly president as the country's interim acting president.

But the United Nations has declined to take sides in the crisis in Venezuela.

Guaido, who declared himself interim president last month, is scheduled to meet later on Tuesday with business leaders at Venezuela's main business group, Fedecamaras, to discuss an economic recovery plan under a future transition government in the OPEC-member South American country.

"As a country that has an open-arms policy towards Venezuelans, we have received many important figures from the democratic opposition", said Federico Hoyos, Colombia's ambassador to Canada.

Earlier on Monday, Mr Guaido announced that he was working on creating an global aid coalition that would be delivered at three points yet to be determined.

Body found in wreckage of plane carrying football player Sala, investigators say
SPORTbible would like to send out its condolences to the families and friends of Mr Sala and Mr Ibbotson during this hard time. A statement from the AAIB confirmed that underwater video footage showed "one occupant [is] visible" in the wreckage.

A bank in Portugal has blocked Venezuela's attempt to transfer $1.2 billion (926.86 million pounds) to Uruguay, a lawmaker said on Tuesday as the opposition to President Nicolas Maduro warned of the theft of public funds, while the United States sent food and medical aid to the Venezuelan-Colombian border.

Foreign policy positions require the unanimous support of all 28 European Union countries, so Italy's veto sank efforts to agree on a beefed-up version, which would have mentioned the recognition of Guaido by numerous member states.

Italy's 5-Star Movement, which makes up half of the ruling coalition, dissented from the European stance, saying it would never recognise self-appointed leaders.

Monday's declaration came after Guaido made a larger-than-life appeal to Canada and its Western Hemisphere partners to end the "usurpation" of democracy in his country. Maduro won another presidential term in May 2018 in an election heavily criticized both inside and outside of Venezuela for its restrictions on opposition parties as well as low turnout (around 20 percent).

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The call came Monday from the Lima Group, which is made up of almost a dozen conservative Latin American nations and Canada.

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