'We're getting soft:' Gov. Bevin criticizes cold weather closings

Former Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis's mugshot

Former Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis's mugshot

At least nine deaths have been linked to the polar vortex sweeping across the Midwest and Northeast. This week the majority of the United States will experience extreme weather conditions, with temperatures falling so far some areas will feel like 40 or 50 degrees below zero. On Wednesday, Chicago dropped to a temperature reading of minus 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wednesday morning on MSNBC, the longtime Today meteorologist absolutely shredded Bevin for suggesting that schools should have stayed open.

"Now we cancel school for cold". No, cancel school. Stop it. Adults, if they want to be out there, that's great.

"I mean, what [happened] to America?"

"It's a deep freeze", the host replied. In case his message wasn't clear, he repeated: "We're getting soft".

Lawyers representing Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican, said a former county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples once they were legally allowed to marry should be responsible for hefty legal bills incurred by the people who sued the county.

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Bevin would later say he was being "slightly facetious" and said it is better to err on the side of caution, but he believes this could set a poor precedent for the youth.

The National Weather Service predicted that wind chill temperatures in Louisville on Wednesday would be between negative 15 and negative 20.

His remarks sparked backlash on Twitter from educators in Kentucky.

"Come on, now. I mean, there's no ice going with it or any snow".

"I wish there were better words to describe the things our governor says than "dumb and mean".

Other teachers in Kentucky asked the governor to stand in the cold for 30 minutes, like students would if they had to catch a bus.

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