What we know about stage 4 of Fortnite’s The Prisoner skin

Fortnite Prisoner Skin

Fortnite Prisoner Skin

Soon after the skin became available, though, players quickly figured out how to upgrade The Prisoner and unlock its second stage. A leak suggests stage 3 of the Snowfall Prisoner skin will require a campfire to unlock.

But now, players are already on the hunt for stage four of The Prisoner skin.

There's still time to go through this process and its final stage - unlocking the different phases of the prisoner.

Players will need to use a very specific environmental campfire location in order to obtain Stage 3 of the skin.

All environmental campfires are now able to be interacted with so while this one will be the one to get you the skin, all of them will now be able to heal you.

Original Story - The Fortnite Prisoner skin was released last week and confirmed as the secret skin as part of Season 7's Snowfall Challenges.

Players were then searching every inch of the map to find the third key, however, it was later discovered that the second key, or stage 3 of the Prisoner skin, was not available.

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But it doesn't look like it will be long before this does happen and brings with it some interesting changes.

The Fortnite prisoner is expected to evolve during Week 11 of Fortnite season 7, putting the game into unknown waters.

Week 11 challenges aren't usually provided during a normal Battle Pass season, however, it appears something is being worked on. Before getting started, make sure you have the Padlock back bling and the Prisoner skin equipped.

We'll follow up with a post on the official location and how to unlock stage 3 once the week 10 challenges have been unlocked.

There's no doubt that Epic Games are working on a big season-end event and we could get a big hint of what that might include next week.

For anyone who needs a bit more explanation, the Prisoner skin has four stages of progression which show him slowly unshackled from his chains before evolving into a sort of fiery volcanic demon.

Stay tuned for confirmation for ALL of these challenges at 2pm GMT today.

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