WhatsApp launches biometrics lock for iPhone

WhatsApp finally has the feature requested by many iPhone users

WhatsApp finally has the feature requested by many iPhone users

You can finally setup Face ID or Touch ID to lock your WhatsApp app on iOS devices. As previously reported, as part of the feature, users will need to unlock the app by unlocking it so that people can't snoop in on their conversations.

If you own an iPhone X or greater, you can use Face ID to unlock WhatsApp while iPhone 8 and lower devices will make use of Touch ID. You can choose to lock your WhatsApp immediately or after a preset time.

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The feature is available with the current version 2.19.20 and you can set it up under Settings Account Privacy Face ID. The folks over at WhatsApp have made a decision to add an extra layer of security for those using the app and allow them to lock the app behind Face ID or Touch ID. According to the new information, the authentication feature allows iOS users to lock WhatsApp behind another wall of security to prevent unauthorized access to the app. While it is not widely used in the United States, it is the messaging app to use in Asian countries like India and neighboring regions.

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