Anthem PS4 Players Receiving Full Refunds Due to Technical Issues....Sorta

When it comes to online RPGs Anthem's barebones launch is sadly the same old song and dance

When it comes to online RPGs Anthem's barebones launch is sadly the same old song and dance

Sony is now offering wide spread refunds to most of it's users when it was discovered that Anthem causes a total system crash on the PS4 console.

Currently BioWare is asking players experiencing bugs or issues to report them on at EA's Answers HQ or on the Reddit mega-thread. Have you attempted to get a refund and were you successful? And because it isn't done correctly, there's a big chance each time it happens, the console can be damaged.

Oh, Anthem. Bioware's online multiplayer has really had a rough launch, and things aren't looking up for Anthem.

The complaints were swept up into one megathread on Reddit a couple of days ago, and people aren't just angry at Anthem causing their consoles to shut down - they're also scared that it could have lasting effects. When it rains, it pours.

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There are other players who assert that Sony isn't offering refunds, and is instead telling affected users to update the game and their PS4 systems. As a result, it appears that Sony is aware of the issues its customers are facing and is offering full refunds with a "no questions asked" policy. "Took me 5 minutes", said redditor u/SoundAndFury87. The only last major refund request came when No Man's Sky was released. While many are still enjoying the game, most seem to have found it devolve into a mindless repetitive grind after the highs of its initial impressions wear off.

Another that they contacted Sony support saying that the "The game is broken on PS4", and that they didn't want to risk bricking their consoles.

This situation is similar to that of No Man's Sky when a huge amount of refunds were issued to Sony for being a defective game, and quite right fully so, Anthem seems to be heading in the same direction.

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