Apex Legends leaked past year and you didn't notice

Apex Legends Error

Apex Legends Error

Given the stellar reception Apex Legends has enjoyed since its surprise release, it's little surprise fans are eager to find out what the season one battle pass release date is. Well, even though the game was stealth announced and released at the same time, would you believe me when I say that someone leaked Apex Legends nearly an entire year ago and nobody seemed to notice? While the leak is still missing a few vital details, let's take a look at what we know so far.

Octane's apparent debut is on the Apex Legends subreddit with over 20,000 upvotes, though the image itself links is watermarked for "childz_pl4y" - an Instagram account that's since been set to private. It does so many things to improve on the battle royale genre, two of which are the pinging system and the ability to respawn your "thirsted" teammates. We'll have to wait for an official announcement to learn more on that. The Swift Mend one sounds a bit OP, but Lifeline is pretty much the same, and it hasn't upset the game balance yet. His tactical is Adrenaline Junkie, which costs 10% health to give Octane eight seconds of boosted speed. Lastly, his Ultimate is Launch Pad, a deployable jump pad that sounds a lot like the Fortnite item of the same name.

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The 25K Code Red Boom TV Apex Legends tournament will see its bracket filled to the brim with a whole host high-profile personalities from the world of Twitch and players who have quickly proven they are top talents in the world when it comes to the competitive scene of the battle royale game.

While the Octane leak does look convincing, he isn't the only hero to have seemingly been unearthed recently.

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