Apex Legends update dishes out weapon nerfs

CREDIT Respawn Entertainment

CREDIT Respawn Entertainment

These sort of changes, however, won't be here anytime soon, and may not even make it into the game at all if hitbox adjustments prove sufficient.

According to the release notes, this patch brings some balance tweaks to the Wingman and Peacekeeper weapons, reduces their availability in all zone tiers and increases availability of energy weapons & ammo in all zone tiers.

The actual damage of the weapon has been reduced too, but only with headshots using the skullpiercer attachment - in this case the damage multiplier for hitting the noggin has been pulled back from 2.5x to 2.25x. This included a Skullpiercer Wingman nerf and a Peacekeeper nerf.

Both of these weapons were nerfed yesterday.

On the whole, Respawn believe the current selection of weapons is pretty solid; suiting a wide variety of play styles.

Just over a month after launch, Apex Legends has its first balance patch. Our goal is to make less frequent, better tested, higher impact changes, so it minimizes the effects on your time spent mastering a particular mechanic, weapon, character, etc. This way patch notes won't be going up every week and become required reading for those who want to keep up on the latest changes to the battle royale game taking the world by storm.

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It's great to see that Respawn is addressing balancing concerns this thoroughly.

Some players don't think these nerfs matter much.

"That's what they are afraid of, because they want it to be the best gun", Shroud said.

In short, it's a bit slower to fire, slightly more hard to aim, and does a little less damage with skullpiercer headshots.

We now do not know what the content, price or specific time the Battle Pass will drop is - but we do (theoretically) no bits and pieces about Octane. It's not like I'm suddenly winning every match, but I do have slightly more damage with the gun and am missing fewer shots. The week one meta vs. the week two / three meta was meaningfully different from what we've seen, so want to make it sure it settles a bit before we act.

The first notable change of this Apex Legends update was weapon balancing. Respawn Entertainment explained in a Reddit post (where you'll find further details on the changes) that it made a decision to tweak the strongest weapons and leave everything else as it is to preserve the game's "power curve". As fun as it is to watch new items in Fortnite radically change gameplay on what seems to be a daily basis, smaller changes encourage me to drill the fundamentals instead of chasing after whatever is hot at the moment.

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