BioWare addresses ongoing Anthem player concerns via Reddit post

BioWare addresses ongoing Anthem player concerns via Reddit post

BioWare addresses ongoing Anthem player concerns via Reddit post

The Anthem team has heard the tidal wave of complaints about the endgame loot system. But what TemperHoof has discovered is that because of Anthem's damage multiplier system, the highest-tier weapons in the game result in your overall damage capabilities being severely handicapped.

Anthem Global Community Manager Jesse Anderson later weighed in with a response on behalf of BioWare, and it addressed point-by-point most of the original post's issues.

In their post, titled 'Power-Scaling: Why Loot Doesn't Matter Anymore (Math),' TemperHoof explains that as of version 1.0.3, Anthem doesn't use the stats of the gear you're wearing to work out your damage multiplier - instead, it averages all of your non-level-one equipment and uses that figure to select what they call an 'arbitrary multiplier'. The more challenging enemies in the game have also been given a significantly better chance of leaving more valuable loot, which applies to all levels of player difficulty. They could answer questions, give information and know that they aren't going to have people getting upset at them.

He continued: "I don't mind posting here when things aren't so nice, but that's because it's my job". When some people say "be nice or the devs will stop posting" it's 100% true.

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You can check out the official update notes by EA here.

That's a message I can get behind. "We will never hide a nerf or change in the patch notes on objective, even if it's something we know the community won't like". "Anthem is here to stay", Anderson said.

"We do not ignore any feedback from players, sometimes it just takes a bit longer as things need to be discussed for a longer time". Now, a Redditor has used math to work out that the game's entire loot grind is essentially pointless in its current form. "One of the downsides of moving so fast to improve is that we're making changes to complex loot systems in several areas and it's then harder to know how it's performing". "We're very appreciative of this community and look forward to the days, weeks, months and years ahead".

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